Chapter 13 Law Services in Pittsburgh, PA

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps individuals and businesses that qualify eliminate their unsecured debt and restructure their secured debt. Unsecured obligations are things such as credit cards and medical bills. Secured debts are things such as your taxes, mortgage, alimony and child support payments. Filing for this protection is a complex process, and you can always benefit from guidance from a Chapter 13 attorney. A Chapter 13 lawyer at the Law Offices of Paul McElrath in Pennsylvania can discuss your financial situation with you to determine the best way to eliminate debt that is unsecured. This will open up funds for you continue to pay off your secured debt under a manageable remittance plan.
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How Filing for Bankruptcy Benefits You

Under the Chapter 13 code, your secured debt is restructured so that you can continue to pay it off. If your house is near foreclosure and your car is under the threat of repossession, a Chapter 13 lawyer can help you stop this action before you lose the property. Once you file your initial paperwork with the court, the automatic stay provision is active, and creditors are no longer allowed to pursue your wages or possessions. This gives you time to restructure your monthly obligations into a more affordable plan that the court should approve. You get to keep your property and focus on getting back on your feet.


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